Blog Post- 4 Ways to Improve Your Policy Management Process

The increased burden of policy management is a topic of discussion in organisations at the moment.

An organization can protect its reputation by ensuring a formal policy management process is in place to protect, distribute, and update necessary policies.

When an organization decides to automate its approach to policy management and implement a solution, adopting these 4 ways ensures that policies are consistently up to date in a simple and accessible manner.

  1. Centralized Access:

It is important for an organization to have a centralized repository its policies, so that employees have direct access to all organizational policies. When deciding on an automated solution, a centralized location where employees and directors can easily access policies is paramount. Furthermore, the policies should be clearly organised by department/function to further enable ease of access.


  1. Multi User Access Levels:

By incorporating an automated system to manage your policies and procedures, organisations can pick and choose which relevant staff members can view certain policies and procedures. This can be done according to multiple criteria, such as job role and/or department. This reduces the time wasted on scanning and searching through an abundance of documents to find relevant one’s for you. It also minimizes the chances of employees seeing documents that are above their access level.


  1. Policy Sign Off and Clarification:

When selecting an automated system, live analysis of which employee has and has not reviewed policies is vital. This ensures that there is no confusion or lack of understanding amongst employees as policies must be signed off. To take it a step further, companies may require employees to answer a series of multiple-choice questions on the relevant policies. This would ensure that there is clarification with employees and their superiors.


  1. Policy Development:

Policy Development enhances the process of annually updating policies and allows instant feedback from reviewers, the policy owner can then use this feedback to make any necessary changes to the policy. Policy Development makes the reviewing process easier for those involved and allows for quicker actions to be taken.


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